Retreat Staff Spotlight: Timmy Ward

staff-spotlight-timmy-wardOur Retreat Staff at Camp Eagle go the extra mile to see that our guests get the experience they’re looking for! From the initial planning stages until the very end of your stay, these leaders are committed to serving and serving well. 

Today we're featuring... Timmy Ward!

Hey, Timmy! Can you tell us where you're from?

Hey! I'm from Columbia, SC.

What’s your position on the retreat staff and what does it involve?

Retreats Director. I manage an awesome team of retreat staff and help to ensure that our Retreats Program is fulfilling our mission of inspiring Christ-like change for our guests.

What's your favorite thing about your role?

Although I am not on the front lines all the time, my favorite thing is being able to interact and serve our guests directly. Getting the chance to run one of our exciting activities or to create conversation around a campfire are often the highlights of my day!

How did God bring you to Camp Eagle?

I was teaching full time at a small Christian school in South Carolina before my wife and I came to Camp Eagle. I enjoyed teaching, but felt the Lord calling me to pursue a career that better suited my passion for the outdoors. That pursuit ultimately led my wife and I to join the Camp Eagle team in August of 2014, and we are both so thankful for this opportunity to serve in such a unique ministry.

When you’re not busy helping groups have an amazing retreat experience, what do you like to do?

I love just about all aspects of the outdoors, but especially love playing ultimate, catching snakes, and going on road trips with friends and family.

Can you tell us about one specific moment or experience that has deeply impacted your life, while working on retreat staff?

I have seen the Lord move in the lives of both guests and staff alike since I've been a part of this ministry. The most impactful moments I've been blessed to be a part of are when I've seen life-change in my seasonal retreat staff. It's always rewarding to see these young men and women mature through hard work and service at Camp Eagle.

Why should groups choose Camp Eagle as their retreat destination?

Camp Eagle retreats offer many unique benefits for groups. I think one of the things we really excel at is our customizable programming. We love working alongside our group leaders to help them create an experience that will allow them to achieve their goals. Our staff love to serve our guests however possible! A second benefit that really helps us stand out is the fact that there is no cell service and minimized WiFi accessibility at Camp. We think these limitations really help to maximize our guests' experiences by reducing distractions and allowing them to focus on building relationships with the Lord and their peers.