Retreat Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Mettler

staff-spotlight-stephanie-mettlerOur Retreat Staff at Camp Eagle go the extra mile to see that our guests get the experience they’re looking for! From the initial planning stages until the very end of your stay, these leaders are committed to serving and serving well.

Today we’re featuring… Stephanie Mettler!

First off, Stephanie, where are you from?


What’s your position on the retreat staff and what does it involve?

Retreats Director. I lead a team of great staff who care for our guests during the 10 months of retreat season, from planning unique camp experiences for our groups to building relationships with guests and sharing our passion for God's kingdom through all of these encounters.

What's your favorite thing about your role?

While I'm still pretty new to this role, a few of the things I love most are: meeting our guests, creating new threads of relationship, crafting a curriculum, and working with staff who want to follow God's lead.

How did God bring you to Camp Eagle?

I first came to Camp Eagle in 2015 as a youth pastor bringing students on their first wilderness camping trip. I sought out Camp Eagle because of their commitment to helping people get alone with God in the solitude of the wilderness and because Camp Eagle was eager to partner with me in the ministry I was doing. A strong bond was formed instantly, and my students benefited from our mutual commitment to doing ministry together.

When you’re not busy helping groups have an amazing retreat experience, what do you like to do?

When I'm off, I like to enjoy good conversation while drinking tea or picking up new songs on an instrument. Occasionally, I pretend that I like to run.

Can you tell us about one specific moment or experience that has deeply impacted your life, while working on retreat staff?

No, I can't tell you about one specific moment at Camp Eagle that has impacted me. I can tell you about a hundred.

Why should groups choose Camp Eagle as their retreat destination?

It would be hard to find another organization as eager to partner with your ministry than Camp Eagle! We customize our retreats to fit the relational dynamics and spiritual needs of each group, and we have creative, intentional, insanely fun people to love on you when you get here for your customized retreat!