Adventure Weekend: The Perfect Time To Plan Your Next Work Retreat

adventure-weekend-work-retreatPlanning a successful work retreat is no small task. From the initial idea to the trip home – and everything in between – there’s a lot to consider, especially if you’re in charge.

As you sit down to start planning, with your full cup of coffee and blank notebook, you may notice your mood shifting from enthusiastic to overwhelmed. You might think… Wow, I need a retreat just to PLAN this retreat. And while that could be true, our retreat experts here at Camp Eagle know that sometimes, all you really need is someone who’s been there before (literally).

This is why we recommend our Adventure Weekend at Camp Eagle as the perfect time to plan your next work retreat. It’s a chance for you and your planning team to have a distraction-free weekend, where you can dream up the details, have some fun, and check out Camp Eagle in the process! 

What Is an Adventure Weekend?

Here at Camp Eagle, we’ve set aside one weekend per month throughout the year, to give groups and individuals open access to our campus. It’s called “Adventure Weekend” because we leave all the adventuring up to you! 

Unlike our programmed getaways (Couples Retreat, Minister’s Escape, etc.) Adventure Weekends are designed to be low-key and staff-free. These events simply allow guests to experience our beautiful campus at a small fee. You can mountain bike, trail run, backpack, kayak, paddle board, rock climb, and play disc golf, or just relax along the banks of the Nueces River. 

Why Is It the Perfect Time to Plan Your Work Retreat?

There are several reasons why we think Adventure Weekend is the perfect time to plan your next work retreat. 

    • They happen often. Adventure Weekends are held once a month year-round, giving you a dozen opportunities to come out! Just compare your schedule with ours and pick the date that works best for you. For best results, we recommend that you begin planning any retreat several months in advance!
    • They inspire and inform. Regardless of whether or not you choose Camp Eagle as the future site of your next work retreat, your time at Adventure Weekend will inspire and inform your planning process. While you’re here, you’ll discover how it feels to escape the everyday norm for the purpose of relaxing and reaching important goals.
    • They are affordable! Admission to Adventure Weekend is just $10 per person and if you need to stay overnight, there are two lodging options for an additional fee. Find out more here!
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Do You Have Questions?

Want to know more about Adventure Weekend or retreat planning in general? Reach out to us!